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Dedicated Servers Reseller

You are granted root privileges and can utilize 100 percent of the dedicated hosting web server's resources without anyone else using these resources and meddling with your websites. Dedicated servers available from Resellers Panel. You can now choose a control panel and operating system for your own dedicated machine.


Ultra Dedicated Hosting Service

Best prices for your hosting needs - wholesale shared hosting & dedicated servers! So whether you are looking for a provider for your personal hosting or to start a separate career, the place to do it is one - Resellers Panel.If your company has a content-heavy web page, or just has very special web server architecture requirements, the most logical option would be a dedicated server. For somebody who is prepared to invest in safety and stability, the bigger price is of no importance.


Advanced Dedicated Server Hosting

The stability and high performance of Dedicated Server Hosting are important for every website. Resellers Panel offers 24/7 server maintenance. No concealed charges/fees. Web-site templates provided.You can pick a hosting CP, which is a handy GUI if you wish to use the web server for web hosting purposes solely and choose not to use a Secure Shell terminal for all the modifications you will be making. ResellersPanel.com, for instance, offers 3 types of hosting Control Panel software - Hepsia, DirectAdmin and cPanel.


Cheap Dedicated Server Reseller

Resellers Panel offers an exclusive reseller hosting program, thanks to which you can purchase any of the offered hosting services at discounted price. You can also set up your own web hosting company and start selling these to others.By default, each dedicated web server comes with all the software apps required to administer a website - a web server, database software (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and so on), PHP software, an FTP server and so on, so the moment you obtain the dedicated server, you can upload your web site files and get the website online.


Dedicated Hosting Reseller Providers

If you are looking for a dedicated server, you can have one of the available Budget Dedicated hosting, Value Dedicated hosting or Premier Dedicated hosting plans.The DirectAdmin and cPanel Control Panels, grant full root privileges and offer three levels of access - root, reseller and user. If you plan to resell hosting packages instead of using the hosting server solely for yourself, you should choose one of these two.


Dedicated Server Resellers

The Budget dedicated server gives you all this at a very affordable price. The dedicated server is a part of a stable network, which operates with Gbit Network Cards and offers 99.9% of uptime.The Hepsia web hosting CP interface that ResellersPanel Hosting provides does not give you complete root-level access and is mainly appropriate for someone who owns lots of websites that absorb lots of system resources, but wishes to administer the websites, databases and emails using an easy-to-use hosting CP.