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Free Website Hosting

Free Hosting No Ads

We do suggest you to try the life-time free trial of 50Webs.com's free web hosting-no ads services. There are no forced banners or any kind of ads. Your pages will remain free of these forced advertising shits, otherwise very common for the majority of the top free web hosting companies. On the top of that 50Webs will host your domains free of charge.


Excellent Free Hosting

Unlike other free hosting providers, like 100WebSpace.com, which put ads on your website, FreeHostia actually offers banner-less hosting. There are no forced ads so you indeed get free hosting for your site. Each of the web hosting plans, including the free web hosting plan, include 24/7 support and great uptime and performance.


Free Website Hosting with MySQL

If you need free MySQL web hosting and no forced ads you have to take a look at FreeHostia. The Chocolate hosting plan offered by FreeHostia is free and there are no forced ads. There are not a lot free web hosting companies that provide MySQL support and also provide good uptime and performance. If you need free hosting with MySQL you should be careful when choosing.


Free Hosting With PHP

With FreeHostia you also get an online File Manager, which you can use to upload a .zip of your entire website at once. This makes the file upload even easier. With the online file manager integrated within your free web hosting control panel you can also modify files, edit, rename, move, copy, etc. - virtually all file operations are available through an intuitive and fast web interface.


Excellent Free Web Hosting Company

The free web hosting package allows you to host up to 5 websites. There are low-cost premium web hosting plans as well. FreeHostia offers free hosting with PHP and Perl/CGI support (MySQL as well) and plenty more features.


Free Hosting With PHP And MySQL

FreeHostia offers free Linux hosting with PHP/MySQL and plenty more features. FreeHostia's free web hosting plan allows you to host 5 separate websites (i.e. domains) in the same account. There are lucrative upgrade options.